Studio Work

The following are a few of the pieces I have selected out of what I am calling my Studio Work. It is the creative work I do that is more impulsive and experimental. As well as the learning aspect of this work, it is very relaxing and often surprising in what emerges. I chose to share these as a way of letting you into my creative process. My bottom line always is making connections with viewers. These seemed to me to be another step towards that goal. These pieces and other Studio Work will also be on sale as originals and prints in the Studio Work collection on Saatchi Gallery. All work in charcoal has been sprayed with a fixative so the charcoal will no longer smudge.

"Self-Portrait on Texture".  View in Saatchi Gallery.

"Charcoal Man". View in Saatchi Gallery

"Chances Are" can be viewed on Saatchi Gallery.

"Self-Portrait/Collage". View in Saatchi Gallery.

"Sculpture". View in Saatchi Gallery.

"Not Worried".  View in Saatchi Gallery .