Joyce B. Sousa
Washington DC

My Art

Always an artist in various media, I began painting late in life and have little regard for rules in the creative process. Art represents freedom. I am for the most part untrained and strive to preserve my own artistic vision.

Texture is my passion, and I enjoy experimenting with lines, repetition, and layering. My art spans a wide variety of subjects and techniques. That's what keeps me fresh. Occasionally, I become very involved in color, but my focus is consistently the interplay of shadow and light.

My Work has been shown in galleries, appeared in magazines, and is in the homes of art collectors around the world. 


Growing up I was all about math and science. I drew some but no one ever told me any of it was any good so I gave it up. In the 60's I was pre-med at Stanford University for three years but finished up my degree at UC Berkeley in Spanish, French, and History. Later in life I returned to school to study psychology. I hold a Masters Degree in Psychology and have many years of professional experience in counseling and mental health centers, schools, a treatment center for male adolescents, the Correctional Center at Urbana (IL), a women's prison, alternatives to violence counseling in schools, as well as having a private practice.

Art became my profession in 2003. I always had a yearning for watercolors and pottery; I am lucky enough to have been able to do both and owned a studio in Asheville, NC: Lucky Landing Pottery. (You can read Jethro Waters'  thoughts about myself and my pottery in The Asheville Citizen -Times.) In 2017 I moved to Washington DC with my husband, Ron Since arriving, I have focused primarily on mixed-media and works on paper. I enjoy exploring creative limits.


Instagram: @jabsartdc